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Up to You

Your own fault--it's new news
To hear I blame this on you Just enjoy--it's your chioce
To see success in your shoes
Smile or frown--up or down
Can't let go of all your dreams
Feel the heat--you never sleep
But you can do more than it seems

I leave this up to you (must be up to you)
To choose what you must do (through fire and the fumes)
I leave this up to you (must be up to you)
To do what you must do

Where were you--I lost you
Right beside you all the way I choose to
To quit you
But you just threw dirt in my face
Wine and shout--can't figure out
"Circumstance" is your excuse
You lie around--I call you out
You're so much more, son, than you choose

Chorus 2x

Sub 7even

Up to You / Sub 7even

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