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 White zombie White zombieрок-группа


kicking in the christ Kiss crude as it is talk is cheap like a local
jezebel got her face wounds Vigilante style highwayman lick a
shallow grave play harmonica harmonica harmonica speaking
horseflesh singing horse - flesh find youngblood Now is now! this is
the end hey my friend to take what you have given your garden
your eden now my eyes burn dry whithe the usual who's who is this
thing called life? fascination slugpile neverband some fat ass
pregnant bitch dancing her pinhole jelly veins to some jungle bell
daddy sleeze looking for a stin king peice like it RAW AND SOFT
like it RAW AND SOFT a substitute oyster house all you can
stomach but who can eat at a time like... five fingered apostle lose
a slipping gun spin and turn a tombstone blue feeling like a jesus
clone in a solid whorehouse we all play the game cause time is
money money wastes my time my time is dirt dirt is my carnival
Now is now! psyched-out and mean mutilation peace machine
pussycat in trash make a real love machine sitting like a ziegfield
crow classic textbook case basket-head sidewalk time has come

White zombie

Kick / White zombie

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