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Gun Crazy

born with hesitation
onto floating stone
what better than a riverview
a slum by any other name
scum perfect and friendly to a given point
point to stretch your skin thin
thinner than heaven air heaven air
twisted become ultimate
2 face shine on.
Vocal become violent virgin
shine on
yea time for damaged lives.
It lives again.
But the worst is yet to come
topless crawling.
Helter-Skelter hidden among fashionable white pickett hammerheads relentless,
interrogating, scum sucking suck.
Suck true they were a handsome piece
but a piece for a poor exuse for a sinking
sailor by sinking
sinking ragtag turn sinner.
Decoy shine on.
Freak out.
Feast I'm alive shine on
sing for a holy gun
some say heavenly.
Land of hypnotic eye.
Endless love.
Helter Skelter when you get down
falling down under homegrown money
the need is vanished now now!
Hey kind of incredible!
Time to crawl over love
and rotting stones like a steamrolling.
High rolling. Shit kicking
ego machine. Mad Dog.
Alternative. Sleep.
Everywhere rattle snake in a big sleep
(yea) hits so good
I can remember taste so bad.
I can't forget
can't remember can't forget
But I can not
like a road machine - machine

White zombie

Gun Crazy / White zombie

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