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 UFO UFOхард-роковая команда

Let The Good Time Roll

Now here's an invitation
It's on page 33
Attractive and exciting female
Must be looking for someone like me
Looking through your magazine
Now here's a cryptic clue
Yes the river is swollen
This one could be, could be for you

Come on lover pickup the phone
02900 in the Twilight Zone

Oh she let's the good times roll
Come on baby now free my soul
Oh she lets the good times roll
Heat it up and just let me go

A knight in shining armor
Honest and sincere
That's the way I'll word it now
Oh! plus a good career
Sticky situations
They will fade away
Place an ad in this column
And find a love you pray

Come on baby pick up the phone
Dial my number in the twilight zone

Oh she lets the good time roll
Take it real fast or you can take it slow
Oh she let's the good time roll
Just pump it up now let me go


Let The Good Time Roll / UFO

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