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Love for Them Gangstaz

[Eazy E]
Awww yeah, let's take a trip
Just sit back and light a spliff to this and don't step
On a funky-ass track jump back
Strapped with the fat budda sack and a 7-8 lack
Come clean, gangsta lean, I got green
But I serve dubs like it ain't no thing
I hang with, OG playas don't set trip
Or you might get what we call a rat-pack
I don't slack when it come to street
I kick real g funk to a gangsta beat
It's so sweet, when you got money to spend
I got a proper big tilt and a fly-ass Benz
I make ends, spend my dough on no foe
That's how it is, and that's how it goes
Aye, like ya know when I creep real slow
Givin love to them playas that I know is real g's

If you got love for them gangstas
Let me hear you one time, if you down for the crime
(that's right fool)

If you got love for them hustlas
Let me hear you say hooo, if you makin straight dough

If you got love for them playas
let me hear you say ooooh, ladies we want you

If you got love for them straight g's
And ya wanna be down, just screeeaaammm

[The Game]
Awww yeah it's the muthafuckin psycho
Like Michael, I spit nitro
And every time I'm in the hood I'm on go
Six tray Impala with the suicide doors
And fools know, run up on me at the light
Get sprayed with the AK
it ain't no coming back like K-day
Niggaz out here claimin' that they bad
But they don't know nothin' about the old school
Jordan's with the all stack
See where I'm from it ain't no joke
You cause slip and get run up by them dogs in Loce
Eazy told me so I'ma let you muthafuckaz know
That's how it is and that's how it go
When you raised in the muthafuckin city of G's
We got clack, cars, bitches and weed
So when you see that 6-4 boy you better run
Cause in Compton drive bys is just havin' some fun

[The Game]
Wake yo punk aaasssss up muthafuckaz
NWA is back, Straight Out tha Muthafuckin City of Compton
300 Bars and Runnin'
Yeaaah. Yo E let 'em know what's up
Takin' you back to 1988 muthafuckaz

The Game

Love for Them Gangstaz / The Game

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