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Lil Bit Remix

y(50 cent)
ok its ya boty 50 cent
its goin down right here ya heard me
off the massacre
check it out

(the game)

(hook 2x)
bitches only feel ya shit just a lil bit
niggas only feel ya shit just a lil bit
the hood only feel ya shit just a lil bit
stop the singin lets get back to some killer shit

step up in the club they like who u wit
im signed to dr Dre not g-unit
red rag in my pocket feeling oldschool
u forgot how bullets fall, ima show u
im a gangsta i do what i want to
your time is up nigga i done warned you
u got the police wit u nigga dont trip
i got a box of donuts and a whole clip
when its time for beef he get his drink on
animal rights said kill him wit that mink on
im a kick it by your car till its time to go
and i wont leave the scene till the police show


remember 50 commin out ya stereo
he sounded gangsta till he switched his flow
how many times i try to get you to hit the smoke
stop lyin to the people u dont twist the dro (hydro)
my tech is fit the clip is long
and the bloods and crips is on you dogg
they musta heard that you a hoe
got g-unit airbrushed on your toe
bring tha pump in tha club cause im hurtin kid
and i do these rap beefs all the time man
they say at summerjam i turned it out
but Kanye and Hova killed it wit out a doubt
the rat came out dancin like a pro man
punched him in the face the crowd was like oh man
4 months ago i was yellin g-unit
till i found out the nigga 5-0 was a snitch


(50 cent/game)
produced by scott scorch
scotr scorch!!
scott scorch
scott scorch
scott i mean sco sc sc skit?
its scott storch u dumbass bitch
s-t-o-r-c-h storch motha fucka storch
learn how to talk you fuckin bitch
thats that muthafuckin whole in ya jaw huh
scott scorch
learn how to say a niggas name you dumbass fagot
u dont even know how to talk
and thats the reson


The Game

Lil Bit Remix / The Game

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