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[Tracy Morgan]
im o.g mother fucking Bobby Johnson
we aint got Will Manchester, Know what im sayin?
fuck the la la, im a New York City legend
Thats whats slick rick Called me in the house of blues on sunset
he said thats a New York City Legend
im a New York City Legend, Tracy Mother Fucking Morgan
Word, You know what im Saying?
i Got kids running around, i got 20 Kids
some off the books and some on the books
its all to the mother fucking good
Im getting em pregnant plus breaking water
I break water

fresh out the drop
chuck taylors hit the streets cracking the ground
there he go with the crack and the pound
im right here, aint no backing me down
hands on the hot hood, Compton sheriffs patting me down
they wanna know about the tattoo tear
if i know 50, then why them guns blow like Lina Richie
if my 9 get itchy, somebody gotta pass away
like that bitch nigga that killed Jam Masta Jay
you dont like it, you could come get my ass today
ill be waiting with a vest, ski mask and 'K
niggas left me for dead back in the day
i found out it was a hard knock life without asking Jay
its a hard knock life, then you pass away
like my uncle gregg, my brother Jevon, and my nigga AJ
this for all my ngigas in Compton killing
Gimmie 5 years nigga, im bringing Compton millions

The Game

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