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Justo Dedication

pick it up ya square
ya heard what im sayin??

its another sad day in hiphop
we lost another one of our brothers
Justo Faison
we love you
and we'll always miss you
the mixtape king

we'll always love you Justo 4x

(verse 1)
i picked up my pen four years from the day
never thought id be rappin, or even signed to Dre
i never been to newyork, i had to find a way
so i dropped 40 bars on a clue mixtape
on a Birdman beat, than my name started buzzin
aftermaths young gun and now everybody love him
i hooked up with Gavin, Foxy's lil brother
he took me to k slay and slay put me on the cover
Drama King i shoulda known, cause all of a sudden
m.c.'s callin my name and im beefin wit joe budden
that beef came and got at him over Colours
than cought him at Def Jam, found out it wasnt nottin
look back at my career starin out at the city
thinkin about the biddin war between Dre and Diddy
if i was signed to badboy, would 50 be on the math??
propably not but maybe justo wouldnt have crashed


i remember when Funk Flex first heard me flow
and Sway let me freestyle on the wakeup show
spit over a 100 bars than miss jones started to host
thats when they started showing me love on the east coast
than more people found out, i was with Dre
and at Bodega's im on 9 outta 10 of da mixtapes
im workin on my album and the world cant wait
cover of the vibe, and i aint even have a release date
than i met justo he told me if i stay hungry
id go platinum and nobody can take that from me
he joked about my rap beefs, i thouth it was funny
gave him a pound than slid him 200 Bars and Runnin
went upstairs to change got dinner at five
went to houstons and thats the first time i met nas
had billboard wit me and two months later he died
so this is what it sounds like when thugs cry


markin off days on the calendar i cant even sleep
like a convict, waitin on janurary 18th
when the documentary dropped, it flooded the streets
my mixtape buzz made me gold the first week
double platinum in two months
record lables gettin scared
cause the kid from compton sellin like Sunny and Cher
mixtape awards came around, glad i was there
to get my award, mixtape artist of the year
stepped on stage, and Justo let em know
you might aswell crown him the new king of the west coast
a couple of months passed and we aint speak
my sidekick went of (JUSTO REST IN PEACE)
i let everybody from Snoop to Busta know
a car crash just claimed the life of Justo
they say the good die young, if ya know like i know
live ya life to tha fullest one day we all gotta go


The Game

Justo Dedication / The Game

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