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thats Lloyd banks momma singin
you better tell your boy to keep his mouth closed
or he gonna get a black tux
and a free wake
how my bow tie lookin
ready? lets go

when i see Lloyd Banks its goin (down,down)
if you in th car wit him you better get (down, down)
automatic rifle and im blastin on sights so
ski mask im sphyco, my gun got a night scope
two in the leg knocked him (down, down)
from thirty feet away he fell (down, down)
touch kids like micheal, one roll of tha dice oh
you want to gamble with your life nigga die slow
now your casket goin (down, down)
Tony Yayo tried to run i chased him (down, down)
cause i hate the jakes, pat him down take his cake
he want to be a clown nigga, might aswell paint his face
and thats how i get (down, down)
fuck g-unit nigga im not (down, down)
used to ride wit em, sliced up the pie wit em
go kicked out the group cause i wasnt gonna die wit em
and thats how it went (down, down)
at hot 97 we came (down, down)
had 30 niggas wit me, niggas that sport tha dickies
hopppin outta cabs we just want to talk to 50
we wanna know whats goin (down, down)
security he pulled heat it went (down, down)
had to shake the block, i aint tryin to face the cops
heard a couple shots than i heard the shell casings drop
told Penut to get (down, down)
i looked back and saw my nigga goin (down, down)
i said homie we cant leave him, what if my nigga dyin
soon as we ?? ?? we heard police sirens
oh shit its goin (down, down)
guns out they tellin him to get (down, down)
he on both knees, blood squirtin out his jeans
catch 22 should i go to jail or flee the scene
either way its goin (down, down)
so i hopped in the truck and went (down, down)
broadway in a black suburban
one thing on my mind go hard till the fags get murdered
cause he tried to get my niggas shot (down, down)
but he survived and now we goin (down, down)
to the station police at the W waitin
on me to arrive and now i gotta shake em
they want to take a nigga (down, down)
we on the same elivator goin (down, down)
dodger fitted got the Hova lean so they dont notice me
now they mad as fuck and gotta watch the range rover leave
hit the 95 and go (down, down)
?? some rock and lay it (down, down)
catch the first thing smokin back to LAX
kicked up the air nikes than i slept the whole flight
had a dream about it goin (down, down)
woke up and saw my plane commin (down, down)
missed the palm trees sun shinin everyday
newyorks my second home but im from LA
and i hold shit (down, down)
the thrown was empty so i sat (down, down)
and just handle my biz, theres two sides
to every westside storie and i just tell it like it is
and thats how it went (down, down)
on my son thats all that went (down, down)

so stop tellin them lies to all the motha fuckin magazines and radio stations
nigga you know what happened
me and Lloyd banks aint (down, down)
keep talking shit ill lay you (down, down)
u niggas ran out the back door nigga
all i wanted to do was holla man see what was what
yall was to fuckin scared to come (down, down)
youve been to compton you know how i get (down, down)
so fuck yall nigga
and its like that

for life

The Game

Down / The Game

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