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Bravo Pop

I admit I like you for your brains
But you won't try, there is no fun in it
You know what life is all about
But haven't got guts to enjoy it
Come on, I'll make you wet
Bubbles, foam of intelligence

'Cos you just want me for
My little brains, I don't know
What I am doing 'cos
I just know you want
Me for my little brain
'Cos I am your little brain
You are, you are just
You are just trying me

You're stuck in your civilised home
Sulking over other's stupidity
You're awfully clever, but dry
I'll get you soaked to the skin

Just try me out
For strength and I don't know
What you want really from me
'Cos I am just trying
You want me for my juicy wits
'Cos you don't know what I am

You know what life is all about
But haven't got guts to enjoy
Juicy wits, that's what you need
Juicy wits..

You only want me for my
Little things called brains
But I know that I can
Recage? you all over the party
But you know what I am
You just want something
Different, but you must get
My juicy, my juicy wit
'Cos my wit is...

There's only one way
Come on, jump in
And get what's around you
There's only one, only one life

Bubbles, bubbles,
Foam of intelligence
Bubbles, bubbles..

The Sugarcubes

Bravo Pop / The Sugarcubes

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