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I'm driving about on a toy dragon
As I have no

Driving very fast
Nobody knows where I, I, I, I
Head under the wheel,
As it is automatic
I have one military-chopper
So I can do what ever I want
But it don't help
Looking at me that way
'Cos I, I drive a toy
Drive a toy dragon
I let no-one see me
When I go, where I go
Driving very fast
Listening to the radio
No-one knows
No-one knows where I, where I

Where i'll be next
I, I drive a toy-dragon
No-one knows where i'll be next
It don't help none to act like a small man
If you're not
But I drive a toy dragon
Let no-one see me
Won't be seeing you later

Driving, driving right out the eyes
I drive
Lend on the train
On the table by the little kids
At noon's
They're eating fiber-yogurt
Beacuse it's so good for you
But I eat only Danish sugar
Yes, I said it
Driving a toy dragon,
Letting no-one see me
Listening only to the Sugarcubes on the radio

The Sugarcubes

Dragon / The Sugarcubes

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