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Cowboy, cowboy in the big town
I'm a cowboy in the big town
I'm looking for my pony
A mans best friend is this pony
I'm a cowboy, I'm cowboy
I need my pony, I lost my pony
In the big town
I'm a cowboy in the big city looking for my pony
I'm a cowboy, I'm a cowboy, I'm a cowboy

I'm not alone, no lonely
Not alone, no lonely, I'm a cowboy
I'm stunt, no a cowboy
In the big city
A tear affectsment (this line is probably in Icelandic)
The other of the skin ( Einar : Cowboy )

It works in my hell
What have I done
I wanna be at hell

I'm a cowboy, smells like a ....
In a tine-mine, nose is struck
Can you buy, my back is struck
But who knows I am, I am
A cowboy, cowboy
Only second floor on a brass bed in a big city
I found my pony but I paid a prize
I got a silver-bullet through my heart
I'm a were-cowboy X2
Were, were-cowboy
A were-cowboy
Were-cowboy X2
I'm a were-cowboy

The Sugarcubes

Cowboy / The Sugarcubes

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