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Flesh Storm

Take a deep breath
'Cause it all starts now
When you pull the fuckin' pin
The shrapnel burns
As it tears into the skin
Ever wonder what it takes
To be questioning your faith
This is what it's like
When it happens every Goddamn day

Violence is our way of life

Shards of lie
Like confetti in the air
The flesh storm grows
As it breeds despair
You hear screams in the distance
Fighting the resistance
Not cries of war
These are just the sounds of pain

It's all just psychotic devotion
Manipulated with no discreation

Killin's in style
And it's now the main event
The cameras are whores
For the daily bloodshed
Like a junkie
Hungry for a fix of anything
The media devours
And feasts upon the inhumane

Violence is our way of life

It's all too fuckin' clear
We can never coincide
So let's all drink
To genocide
All the venomous sights
Border on the arcane
In times of war
Everything is bound by pain

It's all just psychotic deotion
Manipulated with no discretion
Warfare knows no compassion
Thrives with no evolution
Unstable minds excacerbate
Unrest in peace

There's no future
The world is dead
So save the last
Bullet for your head

Only fallen have won
Because the fallen can't run
My vision's not obscure
For war there is no cure
So here the only law
Is men killing men
For someone else's cause

It's all just psychotic deotion
Manipulated with no discretion


Flesh Storm / Slayer

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