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Seven Bridges

Listen to the riddim, gonna rock you to the bone
once again it's M.C. H. on the microphone
24-7 I'm the games true player
got my way, got my way I'm the repayer
and we dance to forget
and we dance to remember
'coz you know, 'coz you know
I'm the true pretender

Listen to the jam, I got the mic in my hand
with a wicked slang, I gotta make a grand
ice cream shaker, you're the waitress - I'm the waiter
got my way, got my way, sooner or later
if you don't know now, you better get to go
I'll drop first cause you can't handle my flow
got a story to tell, gotta do it well
I'm your man, with a different plan, yeah


Seven Bridges / Scooter

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