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  Шакира Шакирапевица

I Don't Believe (No Creo)

Only you know really who I am
And that's why you're my only man
Only you make my heart beat fast
And that's why we will make it last

I don't believe that the sea
Will one day taste so sweet
I don't believe in what I feel
I don't believe in fate

I only belive in your sunny smile
Your eyes shining like the stars
And your kisses made of sun
And I don't care what they say

Coz only you know really who I am...

I don't believe in Venus and in Mars
I don't believe in Carl Marx
I don't believe Jean-Paul Sartre
I don't believe in Brian Reims

I only believe...


I Don't Believe (No Creo) / Шакира

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