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  Шакира Шакирапевица

I Am Here (Estoy Aqui)

I know you won't come back
All that it was
Time left it behind
I know that you won’t return
What happened between us will never be repeated

A thousand years will never reach me
To fade you away and forget

And now I'm here
Wanting to turn
Countryside into city
Mixing sky with the sea
I know that I let you escape
I know that I lost you
Nothing can be the same

A thousand years might be long enough
For you to be able to forgive me

Here I am, loving you
Among pictures and notebooks
Things and souvenirs
Things I can't understand
I'm going crazy
Changing a foot for
My own face
This night for a day and so what
And there's nothing I can do about it

The letters that I wrote
I never sent them
You didn't want to know of me
I can’t understand
What a fool I was
It's all the matter of time and faith
A thousand years and a thousand more
Are long enough to love

CHORUS - repeat

If you still think about me a little
You'll know that I'm still waiting for you

CHORUS - repeat


I Am Here (Estoy Aqui) / Шакира

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