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Gangsta Love

Stand out
Something about the way you do it
So bottle it up that way you lose it fall out
Big sound, dreamin' you up I'm feeling so erratic
You're holding me down, I'm set to automatic
So loud

Soul apple in every bite
Whenever you rubbin' dubbin'
Pineapple he's playing all night
he's the one, he's the one baby

Day after day my MC
Putting the rest to shame
Cos he'll be giving it gangster love
Giving it gangster love
Day after day my MC
Gotta give up the name
Coz he'll be giving me gangster
Giving me gangster love
Spaced out
Ready to take the seed of your intention
Theres more than one thing
That I forgot to mention
No doubt, Turn round
Been checking you out
And watching you undo it
Been pickin' it up
And love the way you throw it all down


You got me spaced out, wiped out
Gotta let me beathe
Coz I'm a gotta keep the peace
You got me spaced out wiped out
Gotta let me breathe
Coz I'm a gangster gangster gangster gangster love

Chorus to fade

S Club 7

Gangsta Love / S Club 7

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