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Dancer In The Dark

Fate lies ahead
Like the sun will rise
The light has been gone, far too long
From your eyes
But you never changed, never played your part
You have erased all the fear from your heart
And tried to forget

The light in your eyes keeps fading out
The Night's falling deeper in the heart
Hiding the truth and crashing down
My baby's a dancer in the dark

You've seen it all
You don't mind going blind
You've seen it all
All the wonders of life
Run to your boy, don't conceal your scars
Run to your boy; let him feel your love
Before it's too late

Your sight in dying but you keep on trying to save your boy
You keep on lying but your false illusions will be destroyed
You heard it calling but you turned your face never played your part
You heard it singing but danced away like a falling star

Dancer in the dark
Dancer in the dark
Dancer in the dark

The Rasmus

Dancer In The Dark / The Rasmus

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