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Life 705

It is preventing tomorrow,
it's so tough.
it is fanning horror,
it's so rough.
it's not a pacifist.
It's not complainig or praising,
it's not fair.
it is pretending to mind
it doesen't care.
it's not a pacifist,
it's not a pacifist.
Would you be?

It's taking your time.
It doesen't matter what you feel.
It's harder tha steel.
One day we find a reason why.

It is aware of your tought
you thik in vain.
it will star up a riot 'n'
release the pain.
It's not a remedy,
it's not a remedy.
You will follow the orders
of your king.
You will bury the answer
of this thing.
It's not a remedy,
it's not a remedy.
Would you be?

I'm not sorry.
I will find a way

The Rasmus

Life 705 / The Rasmus

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