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Excerpts From Algalord Chronicles

Chaos, fire and blood... rivers of blood! A long time ago the
lands surrounding Algalord lived through the worst
moment in their history: the deeply despised 'times of
darkness '... times of bloody battles between the forces of
the "Holy alliance" and the hellish army of the bastard
known as the 'Black King' In the name of Kron. the cruel
and ancient god of war. he crossed the dark mountains
with a precise goal: the conquest of Algalord, the holy
citadel of enchanted lands, ancient keeper of the secret...
the secret of the holy 'emerald sword', the powerful
weapon of positive force, the decider of destinies of wars
and ensurer of peace..
On that dramatic moment a fundamental decision was
taken: thanks to the "wisdom of the kings" the alliance was
created. Four brave kings decided to unite their forces to
create the mightest army in living memory.
Algalord, Irengard. ElgardandAncetot, all united under the
command of Harold "The Brave'. And this meant the victo-
ry the triumph of light on the forces of abyss...
Now, after times of peace and prosperity the nightmare is
back and worst than ever before! Algalord is under threat
again, ..in the northern regions the blood of the innocent is
already flowing and the pains of torture and rape is splitting
the skies...
There's only one hope left to save the beloved lands: the
'three keys of wisdom" on the road to the 'ivory gates".
The prophecy is clear: Only a 'warrior of ice' with a pure
heart wilt be able to open the gates, located somewhere in
the Lands of Chaos and, if he is strong enough to defeat
the ancestral guardian, will have the honour of handling
the mighty sword and leading the valorous men in an epic
crusade for salvation of enchanted lands...
Many warriors tried to reach the legendary 'ivory gates'
out nobody knows what happened to them because they
never returned. Now it is your turn, brave warrior, but
remember: to reach the three keys. you have to face the
mirror of your sins. So pray that the cold winter will freeze
your dark side making your heart pure as *ce, or the "emer-
ald sword' will be unreachaole once again...
So now, the way to the middle plains is long and time is
short. Go and fight for the triumph of peace and love over
The story still has to be written...


Excerpts From Algalord Chronicles / Rhapsody

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