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(Music, Words, Licks, 1st, 2nd, & Outro Solo: R. Grapow)

(3rd Solo: M. Weikath)

(Concertmaster: Stefan Pintev)

(Orchestration arranged by: Werner Long)

When I was a young boy
I had no aim
Neither experience
It wasn't a shame
Most of the time
It satisfied me
But one day I realised
Music is like a rising sun

Time are changing now
And memory fades
I gaze at the photos
A look in the haze
You cannot imagine
How many friends I've lost
It's much too late
For calling them back

Music is like a sunrise for me
It's joyful like a trip in a time machine
Music is like a sunrise for me
It's like coming home

I was always insecure
Sometimes I still am
But I made up my mind now
And look here I stand
I ask myself sometimes:

Is it all worth it?
To fly over mountains
Makes you fall down again

But music...




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