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The Opera

well, get it done and close the door I'll be alright you couldn't choose but did quite well
increasingly your plan became more radical though I can try it's not my way-
not mine at all the scenery was losing its bright coloring confirming you
to quit that soon to all intests and purposes you've always been adventurous-
developed in the womb so be aware and take your bow and know where you belong

You'll be leaving your old friends as you're heading for the opera- audience material
You'll be making many friends as you're heading for america-
place of mass hysteria your reticence I didn`t mind

I hear it still a foretaste of what is to come - I'll miss you
You're beautiful and eloquent so take your best dress the chances for you look quite good
now so take it- the way it goes hopefully you'll be yourself when you return
considering the way it went be mine again and I won't have you for so long...


The Opera / Liquido

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