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Down On The Border

I just got back from the border
And what I saw made me know for sure
We're out of order
I had a dream about New Orleans
In Jackson Square I heard a prayer
Down in New Orleans

On the run there's a life for livin'
But the people there, they just don't care
Livin' their life like a millionaire down on the border

You'll never see me in old Iran
The women there don't know who I am, in old Iran
And I never will go to Singapore
The people there will cut your hair, in Singapore

On their streets there's life a plenty
But they'll never know about the freedom show
They're livin' in darkness, years ago down on the border

They build a wall at the border
Not to keep us out but to leave no doubt
They're out of order
And all the people who are trapped within
Serve to show just how far we'll go
And how dumb we've been

At the top life looks to easy
But they'll never know what they'll never know
They're much too busy countin' all their dough
From the border
From the border

Down on the border (ooh yeah)
Down on the border
Down on the border
Down on the border
Down on the border
Down on the border
Down on the border

Little river band

Down On The Border / Little river band

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