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Well, there is no easy way to get thru this
And since you probably anyway knew this
I’m tossing the mike out of sight for the better
Be in peace, receive and go help the weaker

Seventeen sisters with seven year itches
This is what she said, though she must have been drinking
These fey creatures insisted upon leaving
Immediately it figures, and I’ll never meet them

I think it was all about the capital’s karma
The midsummer night’s dream was becoming a drama
It’s a new day today in town called Rome
Isn’t it nice to know that every road leads home

Are you sure, sure you know how to drive this thing?

Watching… the sun going down on me
Waiting… to finally get over this
Holding onto what ever comes along my way, this way
Breathing the air, too cold and too hard for me

In a bad state of shock you should shelter your feelings
These things only happen to people while dreaming
Now do me a favour, take care of the steering
Make a move but don’t panic, your eyes are still gleaming

Are you sure, sure you know how to drive this thing?
Don’t you go, don’t you go sleeping at the wheel


Watching-Waiting / Killer

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