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Only Love

[Verse 1]
My friends do always tell me that they see you drop the top,
Got a girl in every city, flirting all around the clock.
Oh baby's catching jungle fever, jungle fever's catching you,
Shouldn't try to tell me lies, rather come out with the blues.

Woah, oh oh.

I got a feeling baby, I lose control;
You cut my heart in pieces, you crush my soul.
I got a passion baby, I lose control;
You rip my heart in pieces you crush my soul.

[Chorus 2]
You can go, you can walk, you can run, you can hide away,
Then you will hear me say, it's only love.
All the time that I cry, that I die, that I lost in you,
I'd always trust in you. Itґs only love.

[Verse 2]
My man is creeping slowly, day by day he's knocking boots,
Magnetising all the ladys, will I pick my gun and shoot?

Oh baby's playing with my warning, with my heart you shouldn't play,
Cause I'm living for the moment, so Iґm leaving you today.

Woah, oh oh.

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus 2]

[Verse 3]
When I feel so bad, when I feel so sad,
I'm longing at the time we had, the time I can't forget.

[Repeat Chorus 2]
[Repeat Chorus 2]

Groove Coverage

Only Love / Groove Coverage

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