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Sex In The Underworld

Show me your secret diamonds now in the darkness of the night
Weґre lost somewhere in the deep of world whereґs no sun and no monlight
Feel me deep, feel me free in your sanctuary of erotic dreams and cries
Planet Earthґs burned down but your eyes remind me the rise of the morning sun

I feel your burning sweat, be mine
I hear your silent sighs
...Sex In The Underworld
Weґre filling us with new age love
We are burning in our sins...
... Sex In The Underworld !

Dark noise of mashines in the underworld bring us background for our dreams
The touch of your lashes like of butterfly and your fragile tears drops your skin
I love you in fire and extasy, you bring me the pain, you bring me delight
Nothing to see, only your body screams, fill me deep, fill me with the rain inside

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Sex In The Underworld / Galadriel

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