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[50 cent speaking]
Yeah, somthin special you know, somthing epic, Lloyd Banks..
You know cause a n**** thuggin don't mean he don't wanna see you smile baby

[50 cent singing]
Woo, I wanna be the reason you smile
I wanna be the reason you smileeeee
I wanna be the reason you smile
After you wipe away your tears n dry your eyes

[Verse One] - Lloyd Banks
I'm getting the feeling you wana take revenge
From the conversations were having an the way it ends
You wana discuss me infront of your lady friends
That's why it's just me and my Mercedes Benz
It all depends maybe if we make ammends
We can start from scratch, learn to control your temper
An remarks can back
We plan to be patonic with the hearts intact
So everytime we seperate somebodys marching back
Your amazing in the sack
Eyes splatter like ya asian but ya black
God bless whoever gave you all of that
If you seen her from the back you'd understand why they stare like that
It ain't a thought of what's holes the lords knows
Her pussy good enough to miss award shows
An I ain't gotta say nothing she just knows
By the way I'm looking at her to take off all her clothes
Up an down...

[Chorus: - Lloyd Banks & 50 cent]
Whenever I'm not around and your feeling down
Let the thought of me
(be the reason you smile)
I don't wana see you frown like them kids
Watch em clown, I wana bring you joy and
(be the reason you smile)
Baby you know my style, you know how I get down
Provide by any means to be
(be the reason you smile)
We dun been through them ups an downs
Had drama for a while, I'm just happy I'm around to be
(be the reason you smile)

[Verse Two] - Lloyd Banks
The main reason I been looking at you pittyfully
Kinda hard to have for this shit that I done did to you
Violated and took you into a crib or two
I've come clean to be a bigger individual
Even though ya visible the eve when I visit you
Kinda makes me feel lucky cause I see n****s when ya teasing with ya physical
She wanna wreck up her womb but I ain't got no room left
My section ain't princess
My foreign chick bad but she bitchless, plus it's hard to commincate
Cause she don't speak in no english
I've been around the world state to state
But now I'm back busting in ya bathroom
Got you laughing at ya shower cap, let's get it on
Cause I'm leaving in an hour infact it don't matter she's mad
Even when I holla back
All I really need is your attention for a little while n
I betchu I can make you smile

[Chorus: Repeat x2 - end]


Smile / G-Unit

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