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Wouldn't Change A Thing

The first thing that I do, when I turn myself to bed,
Is pray that I will wake up
Then sleep enters my head.
Now I'm not afraid of dying, I'm proud of all we've done,
But I think I'll go to heaven
And I'll be the only one.
"A simple man in a complex world,"
That's what I've heard them say.
But I hear little voices and they say we're okay.
And you'll say I'm a dreamer, we'll never be number one,
But I just can't help thinking that the best songs go unsung.

And I wouldn't change a thing if my mother said to,
So why should I change a thing because a D.J. says?
I thought that you'd agree after all we've been through.
No I wouldn't change a thing if a Leper said to.

No I wouldn't change a thing,
Because I don't take chances
With something that's this close to me.
She said, "What are you doing to me?
You don't spend your time like you used to do."
I said, "I don't need this kind of junk,
You're talking to much, and I don't believe in you."
She said, "I want to take you out and
break your heart, and bust you down and drag you out,
I don't care for one thing about you..."
As she turned to kiss me goodbye.
I said, "I think I'll be alright without you."

Deep Blue Something

Wouldn't Change A Thing / Deep Blue Something

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