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A World Without Love

The gentle morning rays of light
Fill the promises
With this endless light
And the story that they're telling
Is one of foolishness and passion
When they're there alone
Till they're just memories

Loving you
Is certainty abound
Confusion all around
You always seek to find the truth
Best of today a world above
And if you'd hold me in your arms
I would feel so safe
Free from any harm

But the story we're living
Is just delusion and deceit
Won't be very long
Till the happiness fades

A world without love, a world without love
Would be so perfect
A world without love
Would be so perfect

There'd be no hate
And no reason to cry
No more stories to tell
There'll be no lies
In a world without lies
There'll be no crows to cry

Fantastic Plastic Machine

A World Without Love / Fantastic Plastic Machine

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