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Now, somebody is out there on a streetcorner
preaching about the evils of the people who are voting on the right
while I'm working in a kitchen chopping parsley and lettuce
and washing up the dishes till the end of the night.
When i stumble down the streetcorner
to buy myself a pony full of paint thinner, bourbon, a girly mag or two
and blah blah blah goes the man on the corner
and i'll never understand how it relates to me and you.
What do i know?
What do i care?
If i close my eyes.
I'm blindsided.
In a barroom the Tv is flashing like a fire,
and warning of the future like a prophet from the past,
the radio is blaring like a siren in the corner,
and telling you to prepare for an all out attack,
the newspaper reads like a page from the bible
and tells us a tale of impending doom,
but blind, deaf and dumb are we
and all we really care about is
who can drink the most before he goes to the bathroom.

Flashlight Brown

Blindsided / Flashlight Brown

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