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Dreamin' About You

Beyond The Words
Of Beauty And Desire
A Memory Of You
Sets Me On Fire
Your Voice Was Magic
Your Eye's Will Paralyze
I Fell Out Of Your Spell
I Was Mesmerized

I Wish You Would Make It Real
(Dreamin' About You)
If Only You Knew That I Was
(Dreamin' About You)
If My Wishes Could Come True
(Dreamin' About You)
You've Got To Got To Know That I Am
(Dreamin' About You)

Even When Your Heart
I Could Not Find
I Keep You Locked Up
Inside My Mind
You Dance Through My Thoughts
All Of The Time
To Want Someone This Bad
Just Must Be A Crime


Dreamin' About You
Every Day And Every Night

(Guitar Solo)

Oh Life's Just A Battle
I Fight It Every Day
Sometimes I Wonder
If It's Worth It To Stay
But When I'm Down
It's You I'm Thinking Of
Someone Special
Somebody I Can Love


Kick Axe

Dreamin' About You / Kick Axe

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