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Together We'll Never

When I take a look around
I see the whole world going down
From the look in your eyes
I can tell you see what I see
Once again I start to sink
I reach for you, my missing link
Like it or not
You're going down with me

You came to me
Dying to save my soul
But there was nothing
For you to hold
You thought you faith was strong enough
To save a drowning man
You lost your footing reachin' for my hand
You lost your faith when I pulled you in
Gave you nothing to believe in
Together we'll never
Have to see the world again...

With damnation I penetrated your soul
Knew you needed something to fill that gaping hole
So I gave you nothing, everything I have
Is that why your pretty little eyes are lookin' so sad
Understand I had to pull you in
It gets so lonely with nothing to believe in

Green River

Together We'll Never / Green River

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