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Sinners_ Night _ Misty Morning

It's a misty morning
but I feel like I can fly
Every step that I take
is heavier than a thousand miles

Concrete jungle's calling
and I'm sure I don't want to resist
It's a one way high
turn me on with the devils kiss

Who would want to spend a lifetime with bad selfesteen?
Don't you never ever think about it
you will see that there's no doupt about it

The pleasure we never had is in our hands
this night is like a rollercoasterride babe
Just shut your mouth and you will get your race

The spell is all around
this is our chance to
Just take my hand
don't ask me why, cos I don't know
Show me the smile that kills
and make me beg some more

Soon the night is over
you're underdoped
Just take your time, here is one for you
before you know it blows your mind

Here the hell freezes over
and seven days have gone so fast
and cash that i got is from the chaos that I planned

Who would want to spend a lifetime with bad atmosphere?
Me neiter
If you know what I'm saying
forget the bullshit what they keep on telling


Sinners_ Night _ Misty Morning / Negative

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