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One Last Shot

We used to be so perfect
we came together fine
it seemed like a crime
This world so blind
we once created
more than a fairytale
Oh, how we shined
Not anymore

I sing for justice
Here we stand in time
Waiting for our one last shot
Shot to come in

This world so blind
we once created
where faked, painted smiles
felt so naked
I was blind without a stick
Taste of morphine on your lips
made me sick

Never learned to love surprises
Respecting how we swore
Eye for an eye
Smile for a smile

When your wings are torn
The distance between right and wrong
is too short
and it feels you got nothing
left to lose
Sky above falling down
You feel abused

And I don’t want it
no I don’t want it
This endless mile
That we are walking
Waiting for one last shot
To come in
But we need it
Somehow we need it
This unknown that we’re suffering for
Losing hold of what we were before

Where’s the mercy?
When we needed the most
When can’t hold on
I’ll be ok
I’ll be alright
Nothing can brake me down
No one can hurt me
As long as you say
That you’ll stay
another day


One Last Shot / Negative

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