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Step Aside

Who made you the hero, who made you the judge, who gave you the right decide
What makes you think that you can't do wrong, why should the whole world step aside
You can't come and tell me that you're free from sin cos' that would be telling a lie
It's not without reason that accidents happen but still you don't ask yourself why
It takes a hijacking then you go attacking your enemies without any proof
'Cos you like to think the world spins around you but that's just so far from the truth

Step down from your throne, it's time you woke up before it blows up in your face
No man is an island, so stop breeding violence it's neither the time or the place
Just face up to the fact that you get what you give so expect a payback in return
No one wants to listen to all your complaining your problems are not our concern
Your history haunts you like a knife in the back, your dreams have all crumbled to dust
According to you you're a god fearing man but who's version of god should I trust

Everyone is hurting so don't make it seem as if the only one bleeding is you
'Cos you got off easy in comparisation to the pain that you've put others through
But still you paint up a picture as if you're the victim of some kind of terrible plot
But that isn't true because everyone knows that you fired the first lethal shot
And still you have the guts to claim to the world that you're a peace loving country & race
But you don't show compassion all I see is a killer, it's written all over your face


Step Aside / Clawfinger

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