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Таймураз Муртазов Таймураз МуртазовБывший замглавы Правобережного РОВД Северной Осетии, после теракта в Беслане обвиненный в халатности.


Hey there Sal, you sure are crazy
And boy you love to have a ball
Must be great with all the ladies
Watch it Sal, don't you fall.

You can cry like a loser, like a clown
But it doesn't seem to help at all
Oh, you and I aren't used to what we've found
Love like rain will fall.

She left you but you still love her
You thought she was the easy part
She smelled a lie and the luck of the winner
Left you standing in the dark

(repeat chorus)

For a day or two you're feeling dizzy
For a day there's no alcohol
But tonight you're dancing the song of the sinner
Tonight you'll seem to have it all.

(repeat chorus)

Таймураз Муртазов

Sal / Таймураз Муртазов

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