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Таймураз Муртазов Таймураз МуртазовБывший замглавы Правобережного РОВД Северной Осетии, после теракта в Беслане обвиненный в халатности.

Back In Blighty

Back in Blighty

So we left New York and the sun shone down.
When we landed here there were clouds upon the ground.
And they checked our bags, and they checked our gear
and they said "What do you plan on doing here?"

Christ almighty we're back in Blighty, they don't even want us near,
but we're bringing in more, we started a war. Now how do we look from here?

So we left from down The Smoke and we headed west,
and the sheep were in the fields and the boys were so impressed.
And we had a few and we squandered some
and we moved through this New Jerusalem.

Christ almighty we're back in Blighty, they

Таймураз Муртазов

Back In Blighty / Таймураз Муртазов

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