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Mother Love

chorus: mommy and daddy owned me till I could understand
that at the end of my arm was my own fucking hand
that in my head I had a brain that they'd filled up with lies
that I didn't fucking need them with their love and family ties.

Little children shouldn't speak until they're spoken to
they're just another showpiece to show the neighbours who
can produce the perfect babe with everything in place
but god help you if you come out without an angel face.
if you haven't got the looks that prove how nice you are
you'll have failed your duty and that's all you fucking are
you're just a status symbol that they need to have in life
just the proof they need to be the perfect man and wife


Just like a fucking dustbin they fill you up with trash
and tell you all that life is, is working for some cash
life's a competition and you've got to be the best
so tread on everybody else, forget about the rest.
they tell you to be grateful for what they've done to you
like tell you the conditions and pump it into you
that you really mustn't fail them cos you owe them a debt
cos they're the ones that made you and they won't let you forget.


you're not a human in their eyes you're a novelty
they don't want you thinking cos you'll break the fantasy
the fantasy that you're the toy providing endless fun
you're not a human being you're their daughter or their son
you bring them lots of happiness when you are very small
but when you lose those darling looks no-one dares to call
cos you're no more the cuddly toy for them hug and hold
you're not an individual and they're just getting old.



Mother Love / Crass

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