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I Know There Is Love

do you think i was born on this wretched earth for you to govern and kill?
in your stupid factories and offices with your stupid systems and skills
do you think i?ve got nothing better to do than to grovel in the shit and the crap,
asking for the bread and the home that?s mine and waiting for a pat on the back?
you think i?ve got nothing better to do than to live in the lie that you give?
learn the sweet morals, the lessons, the games, and praise god for the fact that i live?
you took me and made me a MAN by making me strong, the power of this land
you took a woman and told her she?s less
a slave to the strong no more than a guest
you taught me to love, find a mate and to take
a woman to serve but your love is just rape
you leave me my children to hold and distort,
to bind with your rules of normality till caught
i give them the food that you sell in the shops,
i?m told it has goodness when it?s only the slops
you?ve taken my health with your shitty benevolence
you?ve taken my dignity with your dole queue dependence
you taught me to steal when i wanted to share,
to take for myself and not even care
you?ve shifted my vision with oppressive authority,
the dreams and the hopes nearly fade to strangle me
you gave me confusion until i had learnt
to obey all the orders and never get burnt
i shout in the streets and you take my voice,
this sham of democracy leaves no choice
you?ve taken my eyes till there?s nothing to see
except abuse and destruction, no chance to be free
you?ve taken my thinking, my means of survival,
thrust in my hands your gun and your bible
you told me to kill for the lord up above,
you?ve given me hate when I KNOW THERE IS LOVE.


I Know There Is Love / Crass

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