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Джейн Куртин Джейн КуртинАмериканская актриса

Someday Soon

Someday soon you will see by the light of day
That someday soon all your worries will fade away
Keep holding on to the love that has made you strong
And someday soon heartache will all be gone

Someday soon I hope good things come to you
And someday soon hope your wishes all come true
Keep holding on to the love that has brought you here
And someday soon darkness will disappear

When life's to hard to bear for you to take it
Have faith in what you do
You've got to tell yourself
That you can make it through

Someday soon you will get to be your best
And someday soon you will finally get some rest
Keep holding on to the love that came your way
And someday soon shadows will fall away

Джейн Куртин

Someday Soon / Джейн Куртин

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