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Haymaking Time

The first thing I saw was the sun on your skin.
Dew on the doorstep, the milk to take in to the house.
A mouse running rafters, the cat running after, to catch him a playmate.
They tell me it's Haymaking Time again.

The next thing I knew we were sitting apart
You in pajamas and me with my heart on your sleeve.
Don't go, leave the day spoiled, wait till the egg's boiled, what's in a moment.
Indulging in sentimentality.

You know it's not right, to make a song and dance over night.
You know it's not right, but you do it anyhow.
It's not very bright, to turn it on as you turn out the light.
It's not very bright, but you do it anyhow.

Memories shelter in days such as these
Love still remembered in visions you cast with the breeze
Wax on the candle, sand in your sandals, they weather the seasons
Who cares about reasoning anyway.


City Boy

Haymaking Time / City Boy

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