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Do what you do, do well

Do what you do,
do well, Do what you do,
do well

Well some time before I came of age
Someone stopped me once to say,
If you don't get on with what you do,
Do what you do best.
Time to specialize - specialize forget the rest.
He said that I was out of my time
So I began to laugh and he replied,


Well ten years on when I was all alone The same guy
stopped me once again. 'Hey you're the guy I know it's you,
I recognize your eyes This sure is some surprise - some
surprise Hey man I've seen them all and you fumed out the
best' I had to laugh when I thought of what he said.


How does it feel be out in the cold?
Going solo.
What will you do when they say you're too old?
Staying single, too nervous to mingle.
Waiting for friends to drop by or maybe phone.
Standing by your window,


City Boy

Do what you do, do well / City Boy

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