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Negro Observor

Well, I don't know what..
Well, I don't know who..
Well, I don't know where or when..
Well, I don't know it..
Well, I don't know they..
Well, I don't know thick or thin..

Landing in empty parking lots
in deserted discount stores,
Negro observers are landing by the scores!
Dropping down in low-rider cars
from Pluto, Venus, and Mars..
Negro Observers are counting heads in singles bars!

ah hah hah ha hah

Walking up and down the empty boulevards...
Negro Observers with muscles that are very hard!

Walking up and down and falling everywhere,
Negro Observers flying through the air.
They don't know what goes on,
but the Negro Observers are big and strong.

hoo ha ha ha hah

Butthole Surfers

Negro Observor / Butthole Surfers

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