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Jet Fighter

Jet fighters never die

Mikey was a little boy
He loved to watch the clouds
He was born to fly
Mikey joined the Navy
His father was quite proud
Mother never wanted it that way
He got into the cockpit
And rose up in the sky
Set his sights on Beirut
And he let his missles fly
Boom, Boom!

Jet fighters never die
I don't know, but I've been told
It's been said that God is dead
Jet fighters never cry,
Jet fighters never die

The General smoked a Cuban blunt
[Handled] by the Reds
Then he poured a glass of Scotch
And tallied up the dead

The fighter banked into the night
Then he caught a Sam
He rose up into Heaven
With Jesus in his hand
Scenery was so beautiful
Could not believe his eyes
Then he spotted John Wayne
He knew he had arrived
Jesus interrupted him
He had something to tell
They had to speak with Allah
He sent them both to hell!!
Boom, boom!

Butthole Surfers

Jet Fighter / Butthole Surfers

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