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I'll Be Your Friend

You said they laid out lots of coke, but you dont know how much you did.
Now you dont want me to go home, because your afraid you might get sick.
Just like the bad news you accept, just like that boy you're gonna get,
its all those drunken promises

I'll be your friend but you just havent made me yet.

So you come chasen after me, but i'm just barely out the door,
down the belly of the beast, we waited with the passengers.
Just like the train I gotta catch, just like that song i cant finish
Its the mistake I wont regret.

You'll be my friend but i just havent made you yet.
You'll be my friend but i jsut havent made you yet.

You talk when your drunk like youre standing infront of a microphone.
And each night it repeats and you fall into me like a domino.
And you talk when you're drunk like you're writing it up for an article.
And you think that i lie when i tell you goodbye and then I've got to go.
Cause I've got to go, but I guess its a success, were at our best when you're upset.

I'll be your friend but you just havent made me yet.

Bright Eyes

I'll Be Your Friend / Bright Eyes

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