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Lime Tree

I keep floating down the river,
But the ocean never comes.
And since the operation,
I heard your breating just for one.
Now everythings imaginary,
Especially what you love.
You left another message.
Said it's done.
It's done.

When I hear beautiful music,
It's always from another time.
Old friends I never visit.
Well I remember what they're like.
Standing on a doorstep,
Full of nervous butterfly's,
Waiting to be asked to come inside.
Just come inside.

But I keep going out.
And I can't sleep next to a stranger,
When I'm coming down.
It's eight A.M.,
My heart's beating too loud.
Too loud.

Don't be so amazing,
Or I'll miss you too much.
I felt something that I had never touched.

Everything gets smaller now,
The further that I go,
Towards the mouth and the reunion,
Of the known and the unknown.
Consider yourself lucky,
If you think of it as home.
You can move mountains with your misery if you don't.
If you don't.

It comes to me in fragments.
Even those still split in two.
Under the eaves of that old lime tree,
I stood examing the fruit.
Some were ripe and some were rotten.
I felt nauseous with the truth.
There will never be a time more opportune.

So I just won't be late.
The window closes,
Shock rolls over in a tidal wave,
And all the color drains out of the frame.

So pleased,
With the day dream,
That now living's no good.
I took off my shoes and,
Walked into the woods.
I felt lost and found with every step I took.

Bright Eyes

Lime Tree / Bright Eyes

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