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Emma Blowgun's Last Stand

Goodness knows it's been a wonderful run
The autumn lakes with the children were swans
Your mothers convictions and your fathers predictions don't seem so insane
They laugh, they say
your treasures are fake
But don't throw it away

You've been framed with a beautiful name
You've been saved but you've lost your head
With halos and praise, the Trinity saves, But three's a crowd
You flirt,
you drink,
you can't stop your winking at the boys in the bar

All you need is a gun and a car
A country song if you don't have the heart.
Cowboys and injuns, and the positive minions
where the highway's not far
All you know, your shadow's a ghost
Don't let it scare you away.


Emma Blowgun's Last Stand / Beulah

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