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Guitar Slingers Song And Dance

One more day, do you know how long?
Voices out there say "sing your song"
But all they ever see is the spotlight shining
Never to know, I stand here on my own

Come on now, won't you take a chance
On the guitar slingers song and dance
Cry at night for there's no romance
On the guitar slingers song and dance

I know you don't think I've got much to lose
By the cut of my hair and the look of my shoes
Oh, but I just keep on rolling, while the wheels keep turning
And by the way, have you heard the news?

Now everyday don't come up roses
Well, it's not easy baby - oh, it just gets harder day by day
And sometimes I get this feeling, it's my life they're stealing
Oh, I can feel it

Take these words I say to heart
Can you feel the highway from my guitar?
And if you see me standing
In the spotlight shining
These six strings will play my part


Guitar Slingers Song And Dance / Blackfoot

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