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Роберто Дюран Роберто Дюранпанамский боксер. В период с 1972 по 1990 гг. владел титулом чемпиона мира среди профессионалов в четырех весовых категориях.

Venice Drowning

Venice breathing
Shy chimeras of sex and violence
In the purple evening silence
Venice dreaming of a partner

Velour arms with breasts of marble
From the cradle to the table
Coax this naked treasure
From your saviour

Come swim into my love
Come swim into my life

Divine blasphemer
Tempting--holy beads of jism
With a scarlet catechism
Her lips will answer
(Oh, her lips will answer)

How to be the perfect stranger
The perfect lover wanting
And as you'll discover giving
And as you'll discover being

Come swim into my love
Come swim into my life

Enter this sublime corrosion
Venice drowning in emotion

The body stirs and is reanimated
Only briefly--then life is very brief

Entra in questa corruzione
(Get in this corruption)
Venezia e' un'emozione
(Venice is an emotion)
Vieni e nuota nel mio amore
(Come on and swim in my love)
Vieni e incontra la mia vita
(Come on and meet my life)

Into my love
Into my life

Venice drowning
Venice drowning
Venice drowning
Venice drowning

Slowly disappearing...(Repeat)

Роберто Дюран

Venice Drowning / Роберто Дюран

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