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My Days Are Numbered

I woke up and found
No one beside me
No hand to hold onto
And no lips to guide me
What a hard world to face
In the light of an angry sun
Ain't it hard to get on,
If you ain't got that someone

And it seems that my days are numbered
Down to a precious few
People I know that
My days are numbered
'cause I can't get it back together
Without you.

I see the heaven moonlight
See it drippin' down my window
Flowing like a river
Through the tears that I have cried
I gotta find myself, hey
A reason to go on living
But you can't breathe life into somethin'
That's already died


[Guitar Solo]


Hey Hey
I got ta tell you right now
Every morning

Blood Sweat and Tears

My Days Are Numbered / Blood Sweat and Tears

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